"Our mission is to provide a complete line of ingenious, high quality products that enhance our clients' abilities to deliver superior products and services to their customers for years to come."

Affordable Photovoltaic Racking Solutions

Factory direct from Pinellas Park, Florida

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PCM Solar is currently manufacturing top quality residential and commercial solar mounting, solar racking, and structural products for photovoltaic solar energy systems. We also have standardized solar kits for standard installations.

Call or email Colleen Clark for more information about solar kits.
We use 6061 aluminum and high quality stainless steel materials. This is the same material that was used to build the Gateway Arch in St. Louis Missouri

PCM Solar is prepared to manufacture custom PV racking products to meet our clients' varying needs.

We are located on the west coast of Florida in Pinellas Park and we are currently supplying several installation companies with our custom photovoltaic racking systems.
PCM Residential Solar Kits
PCM Commercial Solar Kits
PCM High Energy Solar Kits
For more information, call us at 727-547-6277, or you can email
  Colleen Clark or Don Coleman for a paperless quote.

Inquire for modulus data and tech sheets.

solar standoffs tech info
Here you will find a quick reference list to the custom solar products that we currently have in production. You will be able to select the product(s) that you are looking for and find more detailed information regarding those part(s).

Keep checking back with us as we are constantly updating our website with the new custom PV racking system components that our engineers design.

We pride ourselves with quality and we want to bring manufacturing back to America. We use American materials and provide jobs for Americans to help in these trying economic times. You can check us out at Dig US Out .com, which has verified us as an "American Made" products manufacturer.
PCM Solar manufactures wholesale solar mounting products for photovoltaic racking systems.

Let us assist you in making your project cost effective by providing custom designed and assembled mounting systems that will save you time and money.

We will provide: roof, ground, and pole mount systems for both photovoltaic racking and for thermal systems.
We have a quick turn around time so you can count on us when delivery times are an issue.

We also hold stock of commonly used solar mounting products in order to quickly deliver the products that you need.

If it would benefit your project, we can set up just in time shipping for any job.
PCM Solar is partnered with the nationally known solar company Solar Source.

Solar Source has been in the solar industry for over 25 years. We combine their solar experience with our manufacturing expertise, which enables us to design cost effective wholesale PV products for your individual needs.
The solar energy market is expanding at an exponential rate and we are prepared to meet the growing industry's needs. We are not only prepared to meet current industry demands, but we are also working on products that will meet future photovoltaic racking system demands.

When you choose PCM Solar to meet your solar mounting, or photovoltaic racking needs, you will be procuring the services of a reputable company that has years of technical expertise and a commitment to quality that will continue to lead the industry.